Wednesday, March 11, 2009

it was dinner time.

so i started cooking.
it all stared 2 bell peppers, an onion, and a chicken breast cooking.
but i didn't know what in the world to make.
anytime i have those ingredients, it turns into fajitas....
but not tonight!
next went in 3 cloves of garlic.
and sea salt.
then i boiled water for quinuoa.
[it's hiding under the vegis in the picture.]

then it went in a totally new direction when i added tumeric.
next i added curry powder and a little dried parsley

then it needed sauce so in went a can of coconut milk.

the end result...curry.

i just want to know 1 thing. why is it that if you add 1 simple ingredient it then becomes the title of the whole dish?
who knows, but it was DANG GOOD!
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