Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our fine flatware and a yummy eazy pizza sensation!

The Goal: To avoid eating too much starch.
The Solution: Sprouted Grain

I watch my starch intake. One way I do that is by eating things with sprouted grain. This is a pizza we made w/ Ezeikiel tortillas.

The result....the yummiest pizza ever.

Not only that, but I feel amazing after I eat eat it

I still remember how I felt after eating a store bought pizza w/ white flour rising crust. I felt YUCK. There is A BIG difference. This is how we make pizza now in our home.

All I do is rinse the frozen Ezeikiel tortilla in water, then cook it on both sides in coconut oil. When it begins to get crispy I add a good sauce and the toppings right there on the skillet. I just cook it until the tortilla is crispy and the cheese is melted.

The ingredients:

Trader Joe's Sauce
Raw cheddar
I topped it with uncooked onions, red peppers and fresh basil
I also top it with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and basil.



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  1. Looks delicious! Nic is seriously contmeplating HCG. Ahh! He's nervous...