Friday, April 27, 2012

GAPS intro day 3: moving along, sortof.

  We are on our third day, and things are moving right along...except in the bathroom. I very rarely am constipated, but that is not true for right now. Pretty much, the main thing on my mind is when I can take another detox bath! Those help me sooo much. I even had all my kids taker 0ne yesterday with baking soda.


The highlight of our day: Butternut squash with coconut oil. 


Something that came for me was 2 mouth sores? I never get those. I also ran across this statement from the GAPS help group and am wondering if I should not be doing a Candida cleanse version of this diet. 

Justin has been said he feels sick and wants to go to sleep, BUT he is mostly positive about our new food options.


Anna had a yeast infection show up!


Dallin got a pimple on his nose.


Devon still has diarrhea w/ undigested food pieces. 

Everyone is emotional.

We  ate broth/ vegi/ meat soup 4 times yesterday. 

Our favorite was with broccoli. 

I think I might as well get a bed in my kitchen I am spending so much time there. :)




Re: Mercury Filling Removed...Detox?

Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:16 am (PDT)

I am on my second day of intro after doing a month of full gaps. I have been researching the candida/mercury correlation and came across the article below in the files section. I really wonder if I should wait to do GAPS intro before I can get my mercury out, I am nursing a 15 month old still and want to wait till he decides to quit. I haven't had teeth pain in eons, but my teeth have a dull ache and I have an abcess (blister above the gum line)above 2 teeth as of today. Maybe I should not get rid of my candida yet?!?! Any thoughts???


Candida / Mercury

I was reading a Detoxification booklet from Hal Huggins and he talks about the role of candida in detox: "Interesting that Candida plays a role here. Elevated Candida's primary purpose in life is to save your life. Oh? Then why am I so miserable when it is around? Bacteria in the intestinal tract can methylate ionic mercury into the super dangerous methylmercury (MeHg) MeHg is roughly 100 times more toxic than the inorganic form of mercury. Candida becomes your savior by coming to the rescue with the ability to convert the MeHg back into inorganic mercury. This is still bad stuff, but only 1/100 as bad as MeHg. Then the bacteria reconvert the nre inorganic mercury into methyl-mercury again because the bacteria deriv es energy from doing this. The conversion process is life-fulfilling to bacteria. In like fashion, the conversion of MeHg back into inorganic (to save your life) is fulfilling to Candida.

This is why so many people go on the "Candida diet" to reduce the number of Candida, and become sicker than they were originally. They are now accumulating more MeHg.

After amalgam removal, there is not enough MeHg to sustain life to the
Candida, so (95% of the time-not always) the Candida dies off a natural death, and you can live a better life."

So there is a connection between mercury and candida in the gut. I wonder if this is why people are getting such die off when they go on a strict diet. Are MeHg levels up?


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