Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heaven on a sprouted corn tortilla.

I don't eat gluten.....when I'm being a good girl that is.

The day I made these fish tacos, I was being good, and it tasted WONDERFUL!

I have found out recently that I enjoy fish tacos.

I even ventured over to Rubio's on a Tuesday night for their fish taco special and enjoyed myself thoroughly...

I thought their tacos were good.........


Oooh lala!!!


I still have fond memories days later. 

I think the main reason they were better was the quality of and freshness of ingredients of what I use compared to their packaged processed stuff. 

I will probably eat theirs again, but when I have the energy, I'll be eating mine over theirs in a heart beat!

I have no clue what the recipe is for these since I just made it up, but I just need to record what's in em' so I can duplicate heaven at some future point in time! 

Ingredients for:
Heaven on a sprouted corn tortilla.
a.k.a. gluten free fish tacos

sprouted organic corn tortillas.
fresh mayonnaise turned into tartar sauce
fresh pico de gallo
homemade fish sticks:
Mahi Mahi pieces from Trader Joes, dipped in egg and coated with corn masa, a bit of organic corn starch, a few dashes of Trader Joe's Everyday Seasoning, Sea Salt then pan fried in coconut oil. 

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